Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trick or Treat!

   Happy Halloween! My niece went trick-or-treating for the first time yesterday. It's only the 22nd, I know, but the homeowners association of my grandma's village scheduled it yesterday.  Maybe because Filipinos go back to their hometowns and thus are away on Halloween? Or maybe so that the children can go trick-or-treating in other villages on Halloween itself?

greedy brats
   Whatever. This just means I can celebrate Halloween twice. And by celebrate I mean wear two different Halloween manis!

Spot the awesome Halloween mani!
   For my first Halloween mani, I used the black Calar polish I bought in Bangkok last week as the base for all of my nails except for the ring fingernail. And I must say I am impressed. When I go back to Bangkok I'll definitely buy more Calar polishes.

So how do you pronounce "Calar"?
    And for my ring fingernail I used Elianto Orange Red. I think it's misnamed though. I don't see any red. Do you?

   And then I topped it with my new discovery: 24k nail polish.

I'm in love

   I've never tried this brand before, but when I saw these two polishes, I grabbed them right away. They reminded me of Nfu-Oh polishes, which, unfortunately, I have none of. So I bought them, hoping they wouldn't disappoint.

   I used the orange one (they were nameless). It did not disappoint.

no flash

   It was light years away from disappointing.

with flash

   The flakes flash green and orange at the same time, my camera just can't capture it. Believe me, I tried.

   Each 24K bottle costs only 38php, making it even more awesome for a teacher  cheapskate like me.

   Oh and my niece won the Scariest Costume award. :) She wasn't scary at all, but other kids were dressed up in non-scary costumes like princess, fairy, pumpkin, etc.

   So, any ideas for my next Halloween mani?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bangkok Haul

   I'm back from the Land of Smiles, Bacolod! Just kidding. I'm back from Bangkok! That explains my silence these past few days. (My hotel had no free wifi!)

   I wanted to wear a polish that screams "adventure" during the trip, but I had been so busy checking test papers and other teacher-related activities that I wasn't able to devote time to my nails. So I ended up wearing my Pink Wednesday mani instead, which was this:

San San Tea Rose
   San San Tea Rose is a light pink shimmer. Not very me; it looks too demure. But I like it nevertheless.

   I used three coats.

   And in Bangkok, on the very first day of the trip, before all the temple-hopping and the picture-taking, I got these:

6 for 100 Baht. (My companion got the sixth one)
   And these:

3 for 100 Baht. Look at the handles!
    Thai nail polish. Somebody care to translate?

   Sawadee ka!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bonfire Mani

   For the Annual Ateneo Bonfire I wanted to paint my nails blue and white, our school colors, but I didn't have any white polish.So I just did this:

Two coats of OPI Servin' Up Sparkle over one coat of The Face Shop BL 604.

one coat of BL 604. Yeah, I know, right.
    TFS BL 604 is one of my favoritest nail polishes ever. I've had it for two years and there are no signs of discoloration or separation or whatever. So it saddened me that I couldn't close the bottle anymore. Well, at first try. The next day I was able to close it, no problem.

This was the most it would go.
   My Bonfire mani was not very Bonfire-y but it did remind me of the fireworks that go off after the bonfire is lit.

Find the deformed hidden Mickey!
   So I'm renaming it My Bonfireworks Mani. Shut up, this is MY blog.

   It also reminds me of the view when you look down from the hill, where the Ateneo is.

Down from the hill, down to the world go I....

  I am in love with this mani.


    This shot captures the awesomeness of Servin' Up Sparkle:

I'm sorry for my greasy fingers. Blame the rain. And the chicken. Long story.
   Do you see that sparkly sparkle? You can't miss it. (Unless you're blind)

(Bonfire photos courtesy of Grake Ablana)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quickie Post - My First OPI

   (Ok, I know, everyone else just says quick post instead of quickie, but, admit it, it caught your attention. Ha! And it sounds cuter. Repeat after me: quickie, quickie, quickie)

   Anyway, so this is just a quickie post to tell you about my FIRST OPI EVER! Make that first two.

It's like giving birth to fraternal twins

    OPI Grape Set Match was on sale over at Digital Traincase. It went from 800php to 600php. Yeah, I know, right? Being a tennis fan it would be unforgivable if I didn't get my hands on at least one of Serena Williams' Glam Slam line, especially with that fantastic discount.

   Last night I passed by HBC and as always, I ignored everything else on their shelves and zeroed in on the nail polish.

   I finally kept my promise to buy pink polish. I bought these two:

L-R: Red Gleam, Tea Rose
   That's right. 37php. THIRTY-SEVEN freakin PESOS.

   I've never tried this brand before, but it looks promising. I just have a little issue with the name. Red Gleam looks pink to me, not red at all.

   I know it's minor, but it bothers me. First, the eggplant nails (see previous post. Btw, I asked my friends, guy friends included, what color I was wearing and the results were: Brown -2; Red-2; Eggplant-2. The name is Sexy Plum though, so maybe it is supposed to be eggplantish.), now Red Gleam that's not red. Looks like somebody slept through Art class in Kindergarten.

pictured: definitely not me. This girl looks too... awake.

   But anyway, yay for this week's haul!

Monday, October 3, 2011

NYX Haul

   Weeee! Ateneo won! 4-peat champions baby!

   So, to celebrate, I bought 4 polishes from last Sunday's Megabrands sale at the SM Megamall.

   I'm kidding, I didn't buy 4 polishes because of the 4-peat. It just so happened that one booth had a buy 2 take 1 promo (300php) on their NYX polishes, and another booth was selling the same NYX polishes for only 95php, so I just had to buy one more.

   Anyway, here they are:

l-r: Moonwalk, Purple Ink, Sexy Plum, Dorothy

   I know I said in my last post that I would buy pink polish for the next Pink Wednesday, but these colors were just too lovely I couldn't pass them up.

   I'm wearing Sexy Plum right now.

   It's a very dark red, almost black. 

   I asked my mom what my nails reminded her of. Her reply? Eggplants.

pictured: my nails
   Uh, I think someone needs to have her eyes checked.

   When I went to the Megabrands sale, I had no intention of buying NYX nail polish. I was after the Misa ones, but they were out of stock. Also, the NYX ones were the cheapest ones, so naturally I went for them.

    And I'm glad I did. Sexy Plum can be a one-coater, but I did two coats anyway just to be consistent. I had no trouble applying it. The photos don't do it justice. Just trust me on this.

   And in case you're wondering what color I wore watching the championship game (on TV; I had class so I didn't bother getting tickets), well here it is:

Elianto Blue Splash

   But I think you'll like this picture better:

yummeh! Bon Chon love <3
   Woohooo!!! 4-peat! See you all at the bonfire! :)