Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bangkok Haul

   I'm back from the Land of Smiles, Bacolod! Just kidding. I'm back from Bangkok! That explains my silence these past few days. (My hotel had no free wifi!)

   I wanted to wear a polish that screams "adventure" during the trip, but I had been so busy checking test papers and other teacher-related activities that I wasn't able to devote time to my nails. So I ended up wearing my Pink Wednesday mani instead, which was this:

San San Tea Rose
   San San Tea Rose is a light pink shimmer. Not very me; it looks too demure. But I like it nevertheless.

   I used three coats.

   And in Bangkok, on the very first day of the trip, before all the temple-hopping and the picture-taking, I got these:

6 for 100 Baht. (My companion got the sixth one)
   And these:

3 for 100 Baht. Look at the handles!
    Thai nail polish. Somebody care to translate?

   Sawadee ka!


  1. Maybe "calar" is Thai for "color"? Hahaha. Looks good! I'm interested to find out how the Calar nude and red Kelly are. Try mo na!

  2. I didn't buy any red polish! It's orange!

  3. The polish looks nice! I'm curious about your costume!?!