Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My First Pink Wednesday

   The Game 2/Final Game of UAAP Season 74 was postponed due to typhoon Pedring. You know what this means? I can remove my blue nail polish and finally participate in Pink Wednesday!

   So for my first ever Pink Wednesday, I thought of braving the unknown - nail art.

   Background: as early as preschool I already knew that Art is my Waterloo. While my classmates got  VG's (very good) or 10+star on their works of art, which were really just goddam splotches of color on Oslo paper, I received around freaking 8/10. Yes, as early as preschool I was getting B's on my artwork. For a 4-year-old, that was kinda traumatizing. Imagine the shame of getting 8 in Art. ART!

   Fine, I got it. I suck at Art. That's why my whole life I shied away from everything that involves creating things with my hands. It was only very recently that I discovered I can make some kick-ass jewelry, and even so I was  am insecure of my creations.

   But I digress.(I just really want to say I make jewelry, too.)

  The whole point of that preschool anecdote is simply to warn you that I was, am and probably will always be mediocre with anything that involves painting. Also so that you'll feel sorry for me and not bash my miserable attempt at nail art. 

   Here are the photos:
Photo taken in poor lighting (or maybe I did that on purpose to conceal the amateurish quality of my nail art)
It's totally the lighting that's bad.

   I used Tony Moly MK01 as my base and The Face Shop PP 406 as the tip.

   One last photo of the experiment and the horror is over.

   While doing my first ever Pink Wednesday manicure, I realized one thing: I have only TWO bottles of pink nail polish.

"No way."
   Yes way. Tony Moly MK01 and Etude House Matte 10, which I don't even like that much anymore.

   Believe it or not. And I bought both of them only about two weeks ago. Imagine, had I not thought of buying nail polish that day, I would have nothing to wear for Pink Wednesday. And what makes this lack of pink nail polish even more shocking is the fact that pink is my favorite color.

   Yes, pink wallet, pink notebooks, pink shirt, pink ring holder, pink envelope (containing letters from my students from Summer 2010, the envelope was from them, too), heck, I even have a pink stapler and pink staples!

   And yet only two pink nail polishes. :(

   Now I know what color to get the next time I buy polish.

PS: It's only Tuesday but I'm posting this already because I might not be able to do it tomorrow, what with the typhoon and the power interruptions.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Face Shop BL605 aka Ateneo Blue

   When the Ateneo Blue Eagles made it to the finals a few days ago, I painted my nails blue in preparation for Game 1 against the FEU Tamaraws. I knew I wouldn't be able to watch it as I had work, so I just showed my support through my nails.

   This one is The Face Shop BL605. (Really, TFS should give names to their polishes, not just numbers. Numbers are boring.)

   You have to forgive my far-from-perfect manicure. I took these pictures days after I did my nails. And it was I who did my nails, so it would look imperfect regardless.

   I consider this nail polish lucky because it was the same polish I was wearing when we won last year. And we did win yesterday!

courtesy: Graks Ablana
   Needless to say, I'm not taking this nail polish off until we win on Tuesday. And we shall!

   Honestly speaking, I don't know for sure if this really is THE Ateneo blue, but among the blue nail polishes in my collection, it sure is the closest to royal blue.

L-R: TFS BL605, TFS BL604, Elianto Blue Splash, Elianto Aqua, Etude House BL 501
   And when we do get that 4-peat, hmmm.... I'll keep you posted. :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

No to Polish Discrimination!

    I told my soulsister Patti (hi Pat!) to tell her sister, Missy (hi Missy!), a nail polish aficionado like myself, to start a nail polish blog as well. Patti replied that Missy didn't have the time to keep a blog. However, when the idea was pitched to Missy herself, she answered that it's moolah she lacked, moolah to buy the Orlys, OPI's, Illamasquas, etc., aka the brands preferred by seasoned polish bloggers. That's one obstacle I thought I would face, too, in creating this blog - I don't have the money! I can't afford all those expensive nail polishes. The most I've spent on polish is like 200php.

   And that's exactly what made me follow the Polish Police -to live vicariously through her. I seriously love nail polish but my profession just doesn't allow me to buy 1,250-peso polish. I'm a teacher in a developing country; we just don't roll like that.

  But then I thought, hey, it's all about celebrating the beauty and fun of nail polish. The brands don't matter, at least to me. As long as the color's beautiful, application is a breeze, then I will love that polish and I will let the whole world know it.

  Besides, discrimination is just wrong on whatever level.

"Orlys to the right, Caronias to the left"

Monday, September 19, 2011

Like a Virgin

Hello non-existent followers!

This is my nth attempt at creating a blog; I'm crossing my polished fingers this blog lasts at least... I dunno. I don't remember how long my last blog lasted. I've always wanted to maintain a blog but I just can't because I'm too damn lazy. because I'm always busy. Well, I just didn't think people cared about what I thought, what I did, etc. But being a nail polish lover since birth,  I simply need to finally express my passion for nail polish. Painting my nails is not enough. Ergo, this blog.

Disclaimer: I'm no artist. I simply love pretty colors on my nails. This blog won't be about complicated nail art, nail tutorials, the best nail care products, etc. I've dreamed of becoming a nail technician since I was three, when my mom started bringing me to beauty salons. Sadly, more than two decades of loving nail polish, I'm still an idiot on the subject. Maybe I should do a Serena Williams and get myself licensed.

PS: It doesn't feel right that my first post doesn't include a photo of my nails, so here ya go:

This is my niece, Marielle. She's the reason behind my pink nails at the moment. (That's an old photo, taken when she was two days old. I was wearing The Face Shop red-something)