Monday, October 3, 2011

NYX Haul

   Weeee! Ateneo won! 4-peat champions baby!

   So, to celebrate, I bought 4 polishes from last Sunday's Megabrands sale at the SM Megamall.

   I'm kidding, I didn't buy 4 polishes because of the 4-peat. It just so happened that one booth had a buy 2 take 1 promo (300php) on their NYX polishes, and another booth was selling the same NYX polishes for only 95php, so I just had to buy one more.

   Anyway, here they are:

l-r: Moonwalk, Purple Ink, Sexy Plum, Dorothy

   I know I said in my last post that I would buy pink polish for the next Pink Wednesday, but these colors were just too lovely I couldn't pass them up.

   I'm wearing Sexy Plum right now.

   It's a very dark red, almost black. 

   I asked my mom what my nails reminded her of. Her reply? Eggplants.

pictured: my nails
   Uh, I think someone needs to have her eyes checked.

   When I went to the Megabrands sale, I had no intention of buying NYX nail polish. I was after the Misa ones, but they were out of stock. Also, the NYX ones were the cheapest ones, so naturally I went for them.

    And I'm glad I did. Sexy Plum can be a one-coater, but I did two coats anyway just to be consistent. I had no trouble applying it. The photos don't do it justice. Just trust me on this.

   And in case you're wondering what color I wore watching the championship game (on TV; I had class so I didn't bother getting tickets), well here it is:

Elianto Blue Splash

   But I think you'll like this picture better:

yummeh! Bon Chon love <3
   Woohooo!!! 4-peat! See you all at the bonfire! :)


  1. i bought moonwalk a few weeks ago, looks pretty in the bottle...

  2. it does, doesn't it? I hope it's pretty on my nails, too. I have yet to wear it.

  3. I love the eggplant color. Lol. Love your blog. It's puts a smile on my face. :-)