Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My First Pink Wednesday

   The Game 2/Final Game of UAAP Season 74 was postponed due to typhoon Pedring. You know what this means? I can remove my blue nail polish and finally participate in Pink Wednesday!

   So for my first ever Pink Wednesday, I thought of braving the unknown - nail art.

   Background: as early as preschool I already knew that Art is my Waterloo. While my classmates got  VG's (very good) or 10+star on their works of art, which were really just goddam splotches of color on Oslo paper, I received around freaking 8/10. Yes, as early as preschool I was getting B's on my artwork. For a 4-year-old, that was kinda traumatizing. Imagine the shame of getting 8 in Art. ART!

   Fine, I got it. I suck at Art. That's why my whole life I shied away from everything that involves creating things with my hands. It was only very recently that I discovered I can make some kick-ass jewelry, and even so I was  am insecure of my creations.

   But I digress.(I just really want to say I make jewelry, too.)

  The whole point of that preschool anecdote is simply to warn you that I was, am and probably will always be mediocre with anything that involves painting. Also so that you'll feel sorry for me and not bash my miserable attempt at nail art. 

   Here are the photos:
Photo taken in poor lighting (or maybe I did that on purpose to conceal the amateurish quality of my nail art)
It's totally the lighting that's bad.

   I used Tony Moly MK01 as my base and The Face Shop PP 406 as the tip.

   One last photo of the experiment and the horror is over.

   While doing my first ever Pink Wednesday manicure, I realized one thing: I have only TWO bottles of pink nail polish.

"No way."
   Yes way. Tony Moly MK01 and Etude House Matte 10, which I don't even like that much anymore.

   Believe it or not. And I bought both of them only about two weeks ago. Imagine, had I not thought of buying nail polish that day, I would have nothing to wear for Pink Wednesday. And what makes this lack of pink nail polish even more shocking is the fact that pink is my favorite color.

   Yes, pink wallet, pink notebooks, pink shirt, pink ring holder, pink envelope (containing letters from my students from Summer 2010, the envelope was from them, too), heck, I even have a pink stapler and pink staples!

   And yet only two pink nail polishes. :(

   Now I know what color to get the next time I buy polish.

PS: It's only Tuesday but I'm posting this already because I might not be able to do it tomorrow, what with the typhoon and the power interruptions.


  1. Haha Marvi! Bend and Snap! You try the baby pink with platinum nail polish for french tip design next time! :)

  2. I'll keep that in mind! Thanks, Cai! xoxo

  3. That was a wonderful attempt at nail art. If I tried a tip, I'd have more of a zig zag than a straight line. I applaud you!

  4. I only have one Etude House color but I love it. It's Milkyway Purple. The same thing happened to me when I started pink wednesdays. But now I've amassed a ton of them!! :)

  5. Hey Marvi! Mama and I bought the nude matte polish from Etude House. The shade is super lovely! I'm so in love with it. It's a pity though that it chips easily.

  6. Yeah, Patti told me about your matte polish. And because of that, I thought of wearing my matte Etude House again. BUT... you'll find out in my next post what happened. Warning: it was sad. :(