Monday, September 19, 2011

Like a Virgin

Hello non-existent followers!

This is my nth attempt at creating a blog; I'm crossing my polished fingers this blog lasts at least... I dunno. I don't remember how long my last blog lasted. I've always wanted to maintain a blog but I just can't because I'm too damn lazy. because I'm always busy. Well, I just didn't think people cared about what I thought, what I did, etc. But being a nail polish lover since birth,  I simply need to finally express my passion for nail polish. Painting my nails is not enough. Ergo, this blog.

Disclaimer: I'm no artist. I simply love pretty colors on my nails. This blog won't be about complicated nail art, nail tutorials, the best nail care products, etc. I've dreamed of becoming a nail technician since I was three, when my mom started bringing me to beauty salons. Sadly, more than two decades of loving nail polish, I'm still an idiot on the subject. Maybe I should do a Serena Williams and get myself licensed.

PS: It doesn't feel right that my first post doesn't include a photo of my nails, so here ya go:

This is my niece, Marielle. She's the reason behind my pink nails at the moment. (That's an old photo, taken when she was two days old. I was wearing The Face Shop red-something)


  1. "the face shop red-something" haha!

    good luck on your new blog! :)


  2. Welcome back to the blogosphere! Ribbon-cutting!

  3. awee cute baby.. welcome to this blogging world :) its soo much fun!