Saturday, September 24, 2011

No to Polish Discrimination!

    I told my soulsister Patti (hi Pat!) to tell her sister, Missy (hi Missy!), a nail polish aficionado like myself, to start a nail polish blog as well. Patti replied that Missy didn't have the time to keep a blog. However, when the idea was pitched to Missy herself, she answered that it's moolah she lacked, moolah to buy the Orlys, OPI's, Illamasquas, etc., aka the brands preferred by seasoned polish bloggers. That's one obstacle I thought I would face, too, in creating this blog - I don't have the money! I can't afford all those expensive nail polishes. The most I've spent on polish is like 200php.

   And that's exactly what made me follow the Polish Police -to live vicariously through her. I seriously love nail polish but my profession just doesn't allow me to buy 1,250-peso polish. I'm a teacher in a developing country; we just don't roll like that.

  But then I thought, hey, it's all about celebrating the beauty and fun of nail polish. The brands don't matter, at least to me. As long as the color's beautiful, application is a breeze, then I will love that polish and I will let the whole world know it.

  Besides, discrimination is just wrong on whatever level.

"Orlys to the right, Caronias to the left"


  1. Makes total sense. I'll share it with Missy! :)

    (I wonder what brand that KKK dude's wearing on his fingernails!)

  2. Something designer, I guess. But I'm sure the color's white!

  3. I bought one Orly and now I'm broke. T_T

  4. Well, at least you have fab nails. Just kidding. I'm sorry you're broke :(