Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas In Our Hearts and On My Nails

   I don't know about you, but these past few years, Christmas has ceased to excite me. Like any kid, I used to be so excited about Christmas - wrapping presents, getting presents, staying up for Santa, setting up the tree, etc. But now that I'm an adult, Christmas countdowns make me feel claustrophobic, carols make me want to throw up... you get the picture. The only thing I've been excited about is receiving my Christmas bonus.

   But I guess, now that there's a child in our home, Christmas is festive and bright again, something to look forward to. And you know I'm excited about something when I dress my nails for it.

   Ta-dah! My first Christmas mani!

   It doesn't look so nice and Christmas-y in the picture and it's just so frustrating being unable to capture its Christmassyness. It looks like a kindergartner drew red and green vertical stripes across my nails. But in person, I swear to Santa Claus, it looks like Christmas wrapping paper.

   I started by applying 24K Winter Sky as the base; it just doesn't show. I should have done three coats, methinks.

no flash

with flash
   And then the stripes with these babies. They're some brand-less polishes I picked up in Divisoria. Though the colors weren't so appealing, I couldn't resist trying out new polish, and at 4Php each, I didn't really lose anything. Plus, seriously, they looked like little babies in an orphanage just crying out to be adopted. So I did.

   The green polish looks more teal-ish here.

   And finally, 24K flakies that flash green and gold, which I could never capture. I tried but they just wouldn't appear on camera. 

   This is just the first Christmas mani. There will be more, especially since Christmas vacay is just two weeks away! You have been warned! haha :))

   (I do admit this first Christmas mani kinda sucks. haha :)) Oh well. :)

(Edit: my students and a colleague told me they actually liked my nails. That's surprising considering I thought my first attempt at doing a Christmas mani sucked. Yay for trying!)

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  1. It's lovely! Marvs, guess what! I just completed my first attempt on nail art. The guinea pig was Bernice and I did leopard prints on her. Woulda done it on myself but I just got a mani last weekend. Will post a photo on FB. :)