Saturday, December 3, 2011

NYX Sexy Plum + Dorothy

   After the Tinkerbell disaster, I just wanted to slap on some cream polish on my nails and be done with it. Frost, shimmer and glitter polishes are a bitch to remove. Then I realized I didn't have many cream polishes, and I don't feel like wearing the ones I did have. In any case, these days I haven't been able to leave my polishes alone; I always feel the need to add some glitter polish or do nail art.

   So I wore this instead. NYX Sexy Plum (aka eggplant nails) + NYX Dorothy.

   I have a confession to make though. Pictured above is how my nails look right now, after I retouched them. But this morning, my nails looked like this.

aka morning-after nails?
    Yes, I have a bad habit of doing my nails right before I sleep, or at most, an hour before. So in the morning I always end up with hair-and-bedsheet-marked nails. I can't help it, doing my nails relaxes me and helps me fall asleep at night. Sigh. Time to break bad habits.


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