Thursday, November 3, 2011


   As the title suggests, I'm not feeling very glittery today. I don't know if it's just the quarter life crisis, the knowledge that I'm going back to work in a few days (and starting next semester, which is next week, I work full time, meaning 6 classes in Ateneo alone. That's a lot.), the crazy Manila weather, or the fact that I'm down with cramps.

   I actually wanted to cheer myself up by wearing some glitter or flakes polish, but the last time I wore glitter (last week's Pink Wednesday mani, which I failed to blog about) I regretted it the moment I had to use two cotton balls soaked in polish remover just for one nail.

   So I decided to wear this instead.

With flash. I regret not cleaning it up before taking a photo. Forgive me.
   I don't know how to describe the color. It's a cream periwinkle? bluish-purple (blurple)?

No flash. Still looks bluish, right?

   Application is okay (two coats) and the color is pretty despite it being unidentifiable, but right after I finished painting my nails I noticed some bubbles forming. And no, I wasn't painting my nails in front of the fan.

   It's one of the Kelly polishes I bought in Bangkok. In the pictures it looks more blue than purple but when I bought it it looked purple to me. Or maybe I really should have my eyes checked.

  It's raining now. I'll end this and go mope in a corner.

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