Tuesday, November 1, 2011


   I've been wearing this mani for a week!

   I wanted to do another Halloween mani but my niece wouldn't let me. She's now starting to walk/run and it's just impossible for me to sit still for at least ten minutes. That also explains the lack of posts. I'm writing this as her mom gives her a bath.

   Left with no choice, I decided to wear a polish from Cutex's Halloween collection (It was actually released months ago, but it's perfect for Halloween so I'm calling it that.)

   This is Under a Spell. It's a lovely blue matte.

It's matte, I promise.
 And like I said, I've worn this for a week and there's still no chipping. Plus it dries fast, making it the perfect polish for Babysitter Marvi.

   I also have the green one in this collection, Spooktacular, and it's also one of my favoritest polishes ever. When Marielle takes her afternoon nap later I'll probably change into this polish.

   I love mattes! 
I love you, too.


  1. This one's cute. Missy got a matte polish from Etude House. It looked nice on skype. She and Mama were both satisfied. :)

  2. I'm posting about my Etude House matte polish soon. I was satisfied. Yes, past tense. :(