Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Stamp Succes!

It's still Wednesday in other parts of the worlds so this still counts, right?

No, you're not dreaming, those are really MY nails and yes, I used stamp art on them, and yes, I did it MYSELF. I just have to emphasize that because it's a fact that I suck at art. I am conquering my art-idiot self!

It's still far from perfect, but they do look pretty decent for a stamping newbie. And I'm so proud of it I think I'll wear it for a week!

I was hoping to use as base a pink polish that looks more pink than the one I have on - San San Tea Rose. But it was the only pink I have that's light enough to make the black (Calar) stand out. For the stamp I used Konad stamping plate S9.

I wasn't really planning to do a Pink Wednesday mani since I've been so busy these days, but the mani I had on chipped so I was forced to change it, so I thought, I might as well do a Pink Wed.

This was what I was wearing:

This is obviously the practice mani.
And I was so nervous at first. I was planning to stamp just the nails on my left hand but after seeing and liking the result, I got the courage to do my right hand as well. And it looked even better, I think.

Left hand
Right hand

I'm right-handed so it's really surprising that my left hand exceeded expectations. Maybe I'm like Rafael Nadal when it comes to nails - writes with right hand, kicks ass with left hand. Or maybe I was just lucky. I think it's the latter. :)