Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Search for Mystery Pink Begins

   My niece celebrated her first birthday last Sunday. And since she is our superstar, the apple of our eyes, the family pet, the theme of her party was Princess. Do I even have to tell what the theme color was? Okay, fine, here's a clue: it starts with P and rhymes with ink.

   I was thinking of getting a princess-y mani but I was so busy the days before the party. The closest I could get to following the theme was this:

   I can't tell you the brand and name of the polish because I don't know them. I got my mani from a salon and I did try to find out what the brand was, but it's nothing I recognized. I just remembered that it was Epsa-something (or was it Epspa?) and the shade was 112. I figure it's Asian, as Etude House and The Face Shop assign number codes to their polishes as well and they're both Asian, Korean to be specific.

   I can't tell you either about the formula and the application because, as I have mentioned, a nail technician applied it, not I.

   The color was perfect; it went with my outfit. Plus I was starting to think that pinks don't look good on me, until I found this. It was like finding true love. What's disappointing was it started to chip just a couple of days after application. :(

Her Royal Highness was not amused.

"Off with its head!"
    Neither was I. I want that exact same shade of fushcia fucshia fush oh wtf hot pink! I shall find you, True Love Pink!